Undoing Silence: Tools for Social Change Writing: Louise Dunlap

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Louise has always felt a connection to the plant world. For two years she wrote regular columns on herbs and natural foods for her cooperative grocery newsletter in Cambridge MA. They include articles on rosemary, stinging nettles, thyme, and aloe vera. Read more about these plants and the benefits of the components for the body at https://buy-essays-now.com/ In this way, you will not only learn about what the author wrote about, but also about the beneficial properties of various herbs.

She has also been working to protect and document the indigenous plant communities studied by her mother on wild hillside property in northern California.

She drives a hybrid (as little as possible) and is especially interested in awakening communal understanding of catastrophic climate change and how we can stop it. She served on the sustainable energy team of her co-op-owned apartment building in Massachusetts.



Louise Dunlap •
March 9, 2010